Curated learning and life experiences for Rural Youth


WonderFueled Adventures curates learning and life experiences for young people living in rural and other geographically isolated areas who have limited access to resources, diversity, and mentors in the things that interest them most. Employing self-awareness, mindfulness, surprise, diversity, collaboration, and hands-on implementation, we personalize our journeys to explore the unique inner worlds, hopes, passions, and curiosities of our young Adventurers...

and ignite their senses of Wonder.


If you’re a Rural Youth, chances are you climb trees and hay bales, gaze at the Milky Way on a regular basis, and never/rarely lock your doors. You know the mayor, school janitor, mechanic, commissioner, vet, grocery sacker and game warden, and they know you. You know what a game warden is. You have a hunting and fishing license, and you use it. You rode your bike all over town with your dog…before your training wheels came off. You pick okra, berries or apples from the farm up the road. You’ll walk across the stage with the best friend you met in kindergarten. You live on a dirt road 30 miles from pavement. Your nearest neighbors moo, cluck, crow and quack. A night out on the town is dinner at Dairy Queen or the local diner. You drive a tractor. There are more pickup trucks than people in your town, and everyone lives “over yonder.”

Growing up in a small town or in the country has acres of benefits. If you have a Houston-sized imagination and more curiosities than the population of Europe, it can get to be…well…boring. You lay in the grass and wonder if there’s life among all those stars in the Milky Way up there. You make sculptures from the rusted metal pile next to the barn. You ponder, question, read, build, experiment, explore and yearn. You’re bored by school and probably, sometimes or never, fit in. You ask “Why?” a lot…and “How does that work?” and “What’s out there?” You crave the unknown and fantasize about hitchhiking cross-country or backpacking around the world chasing the wonders of it.

If this is you, we want you!

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