ARE YOU A WONDERFUELED RURAL or Geographically Isolated YOUTH?

If you…

  …live in a rural or geographically-isolated area with limited resources, diversity, and mentors
  …are between the ages of 14 and 17 on or before August 1, 2016
  …are exceptionally curious and easily bored
  …have many interests and can't pick one to focus on
  …connect and combine seemingly unrelated ideas, people, and things

  …love to make, create, tinker, invent, experiment, build, explore
  …observe processes and gadgets for improvements and insights
  …consider things from different points of view
  …are interested in developing yourself
  …want to meet new people, visit new places, and try new things
  …watch this video and think, "That's me! I am a multipotentialite!"

…then you are a rural youth who is fueled by wonder, and WonderFueled Adventures invites you to apply to our Call for Entry!

Completed Application Forms and "What I Wonder..." Projects are due before midnight CST Monday, April 4, 2016

Step 1:  Click REGISTER to pay your $20 application fee and register your contact information.  

Step 2:  Once we receive your payment, you will receive a 'Welcome to WonderFueled!' email with a link to the Application Form. Fill out the online form and submit it. You will receive an email confirming we received your Application Form, and detailing the next steps. 

Step 3:  Create a "What I Wonder..." project that tells us what you're curious about! The method you use is your choice. It can be in the form of a written essay, short story, poem, video, original song, recorded performance, photography, artwork, 3D model...your imagination is the limit!

Step 4:  Submit your "What I Wonder..." Project via our DropBox online file request before midnight CST Monday, April 4, 2016. We will send instructions for doing this.

  • Working title (use your own if you prefer):  "What I Wonder..."
  • We want to know the 2 to 3 things that most ignite your curiosity 
  • Be specific about why those things interest you
  • You can focus more heavily on the one that most interests you

Project Formats and Submission Guide

  • Projects should be in English or have English subtitles
  • We encourage you to ask for support from a friend, sponsoring teacher or other adult, but the project should be your creation
  • Essays, short stories, poems, etc., should be 2,000 words or less
  • Multi-media presentations (i.e. video, music, slideshows, etc.) should be three (3) minutes or less in length.
  • 3-Dimensional submissions (i.e. artwork, models, sculptures, etc.) should be:  1) photographed and accompanied by a project statement or written explanation of 300 words or less, or 2) documented in a video that includes voice narration or text explanation.
  • Submit your project in one of the following formats:  Audio as .mp3; Images as .jpg; Documents as .pdf, Word .doc or .docx; Videos as .mov, .mp4, links to Vimeo or YouTube. You will be sent a DropBox File Request for this.
  • Completed projects are due before midnight CST Monday, April 4, 2016
  • If you have questions, please email the Program Director, Cara Hines at She or one of her Adventure Assistants will help you through the submission process.

For those selected, we provide guidance with fundraising efforts and financial assistance. Scholarships and sponsorship can be made possible by private donors and grants. Funding will not be a barrier!