Cara Hines, Founder and Chief Curator

Cara Hines is an artist, interior designer, and mentor. She started life as a wide-eyed artist and explorer growing up in the small town of Childress, Texas. If she could draw, cut, color, paint, construct, or glue with it, she did. She was curious, imaginative, fueled by wonder…and never quite felt like she fit. Her mother was a teacher and her father a farmer and rancher. Life was slow and simple. She knew everyone, and they knew her. It was a safe, comfortable place to grow up…and to grow restless. She longed for the mystery of new experiences, people, and adventures. And as her teen years wore on, her spark grew dim without them. She wondered and questioned less, and she went about trying to fit into the world. It was a summer of college study in Italy that first rekindled that spark of wonder, then two decades of navigating the corporate world, owning her own business, traveling, making, exploring what's out there, and journeying within to fan it into full flames. She knows that fierce aliveness felt when faced with new experiences, new challenges, new learning, and discovering new questions. She understands the courage it takes for someone with tremendous curiosity growing up sheltered in a small corner of the world, to explore the unknown they so desperately wonder about.

Cara first conceived of WonderFueled Adventures on the heels of a solo journey to Spain in 2002. She created it to ignite the wonder in kids like she was. She’s passionate about fanning their sparks of curiosity before they go out, empowering them with life-positive experiences and self-awareness, and expanding what they thought possible for themselves and the world they’ll help create. After all, the more wonder that's in our lives, the more we thrive!


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